Intelligent digitalization through IoT

Iterator IT

Software Development

Iterator IT creates growth, new business opportunities and sustainability through intelligent digitalization with IoT.
We are experts within IoT, Cloud, Webplatforms, Apps & Data visualization.

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From project scoping to full blown IoT-solutions

Iterator IT helps industrial companies and other types of organisations digitalize their businesses through IoT. We exist to utilize the opportunities for business, growth, sustainability, and efficiency that intelligent digitization through IoT provides.

IoT is not so much a technology as it is a mindset. If one can see the idea of connecting a physical product to the internet, there are almost endless possibilities. Our task is to help our customers see those possibilities and to turn those ideas into scalable business realities.

We are a 100% Danish company and take pride in being close to our customers and their reality, regardless of industry, with shared ownership of the projects, enthusiasm, and an unwavering belief in the future.

IoT Infrastructure

01. Hardware

IoT sensors and devices

02. Cloud

Cloud that represents a IoT platform

Data visualization

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In order to create the greatest value for companies through IoT, it requires that we are fully up-to-date on all the latest developments in hardware, cloud, and visualization. We ensure you have the right hardware capable of collecting the precise data you need. We develop an IoT platform that processes and stores your data and last but not least, we develop a mobile application and/or web platform that presents your data in the most appropriate way.

Use cases

A table with a magnifying glass showing data

Insights into usage data

Two persons advising each other

Better counselling

An industry 4.0 factory

Enhanced product development

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More profitable service agreements

A robot arm

Automation of processes

A downward curve for electricity consumption

Energy optimization

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Operational safety and predictive maintenance

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New business models


We have extensive experience in digitizing Danish companies, and we are particularly skilled at IoT projects. Here are three examples of projects we have developed. Click "see more" below and get inspired on how you can digitize your business!

IoT Cleaning

IoT cleaning case

Horsens Municipality

Horsens Municipality IoT platform displayed on a laptop


Computer screen, tablet, and iPhone are set up next to each other and display various graphs and menus from BRA-IN. BRA-IN's IoT project
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