Horsens Municipality

A custom IoT platform that allows Horsens Municipality to lower the consumption of electricity, water and heat

This is one of the exciting municipal IoT cases we have had. Iterator IT has developed a custom platform that provides Horsens Municipality with the necessary tools to lower consumption of electricity, water, and heat with the help of existing consumption meters and sensors among others.

- The case description

Horsens Municipality has several IoT and Smart City initiatives. The various departments use IoT products as tools to improve the municipality's workflow by both streamlining and enhancing services to citizens.

To create a solid foundation for its many IoT projects, Horsens Municipality wanted to build a data processing platform. The IoT platform forms the basis for the municipality's projects ranging from technology and environment, IT, office space, and conference room utilization.


Hours spent in total so far

Horsens Municipality

Part of Region Central Jutland

The municipality has over 90,000 inhabitants

Horsens city is Denmark's 8th largest city

Person sitting with his PC showing a graph from BRA-IN, which is Bramidans IoT project

How we solved it

Instead of starting to build an IoT platform for all conceivable projects, specific cases were selected to drive development and functionality. Horsens Municipality had a desire to monitor and lower consumption of electricity, water, and heat in all public buildings. This became the first sub-project of the IoT platform.

Data is collected from the existing consumption meters in the buildings and aggregated in the IoT platform. From there, it is used for both Power BI reports and existing Facility Management systems. The system can also notify users of irregularities, such as water leaks or excessive usage.

The platform is also used to monitor activity in Horsens Municipality's office spaces, where motion sensors collect data on the use of meeting rooms. Combined with local booking from Outlook, these data help to gain insight into the utilization rate of the premises.

The entire system is centrally controlled by Horsens Municipality, using a web portal tailored to their needs. This has resulted in high user-friendliness, enabling all relevant employees to easily use the system.

Our responsibilites


UI/UX design


Project management


Cloud architecture and hosting


Software development (Web, App & Backend)


The IoT platform is based on Microsoft Azure and is built on Iterator's IoT Foundations. The platform is built around Azure IoT Hub, Azure Functions, Stream Analytics and Cosmos DB. The platform can receive data from all types of devices and systems, such as: LoRaWAN, Sigfox, Onomondo and other GSM/3G/4G/5G vendors.

The user interface to control the platform is a website, developed with ReactJS and Azure AD (Active Directory) integration. The web portal handle Device Management and setup of notifications.

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The results

The result is that Horsens municipality is now live with the system, and is able to monitor their consumption as well as the usage of their office buildings. This provides the employees of Horsens municipality with better conditions to understand and analyze the relevant consumption in a larger context. 

Equally important, Horsens municipality now has an IoT platform that can support the municipality's future projects and visions. The platform is flexible and scalable and can easily be expanded along with future projects.

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