BRA-IN Intelligence - an industry 4.0 project capable of managing 10.000 machines globally

With a fully developed IoT solution, Bramidan has transformed their business model on multiple parameters. By collecting live data from all their waste compactors, Bramidan can offer predictive maintenance, more efficient service agreements, online troubleshooting, and better upsell opportunities to their customers. The IoT implementation has also ensured a greener profile for both Bramidan and their customers.

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- The case description

The manufacturing company Bramidan is one of Europe's leading providers of baling presses and compactors. Bramidan has over 40 years of market experience and some of the best competencies in traditional machine production.

In 2018, they were ready to become one of the first in the industry to take the step and invest in digital development. With a data collection system, they will be able to communicate with all their machines to obtain the data they need.


Hours spent in total so far


Manufacturing company
Balers & compactors

Founded in Denmark

Kvindelige hænder holder en hvid tablet og en mandlig hånd peger på et sted på skærmen, som viser en oversigt af en maksine på BRA-IN, Bramidans IoT projekt.
Person sitting with his PC showing a graph from BRA-IN, which is Bramidans IoT project

How we solved it

Iterator IT has developed and implemented a brand new web portal, serving as the foundation for Bramidan and their German collaboration partners, PRESTO's future IoT products. Additionally, we have also developed an online data collection system aimed at making the daily operations of the two companies' customers easier and allowing them to make faster and better decisions. This means that their customers will have a full IoT backend in Azure in the future and will be able to communicate with all their machines through the cloud.

The project covers all aspects of IoT, from data collection from machines, data processing to presentation and configuration through an app, and a web portal. The companies can now gather large amounts of data from their devices about both position, weight, and operational data from automated machines. All this data is collected through the Azure IoT Hub.

Our responsibilites


Initial internal assessment and scoping


UI/UX design


Project management


Cloud architecture and hosting


Software development (Web, App & Backend)


The technology used for this solution starts with some devices being able to communicate directly through MQTT with the IoT hub, while others use a Custom Protocol Gateway. Data from the devices is collected in an MSSQL database, which is the starting point for both a Web portal (developed in ReactJS) and an App (developed in Ionic Framework) for different users.

The system performs both real-time processing of data to enable notifications/alarms and respond to incoming values, as well as monitoring data for improved utilization of total capacity and performing "Predictive Maintenance."

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The results

Bramidan now offers its customers a way to control their Bramidan products more efficiently. This means that instead of the service truck coming to pick up the bales at fixed times during the week, their customers can now order pickup when the machine is full, based on the function that shows the fill level. Additionally, the machine can now give warnings when there is a problem. This means, among other things, that the machine can be serviced faster and machine downtime is avoided.

In addition to the new benefits for Bramidan's customers, Bramidan can now offer better and more personalized service. They are now able to provide better advice to their customers based on their data. For example, they can see if a customer has an oversized or undersized baling press or compactor, and they can offer them a machine that fits their needs.

Do you also need to communicate with your machines?

Developing an IoT project, or in the case of Bramidan, an Industry 4.0/IIoT project, requires certain competencies. Please navigate to our services page to see what we offer. There is certainly something we can assist you with. 

A great partnership

A great partnership between Bramidan and Iterator IT has emerged as a result of the BRA-IN collaboration. We have also collaborated outside of the digital realm. Learn more about BRA-IN and our partnership.