Onsite consultants

Our onsite consultants can develop your digital projects right under your roof, bringing us close to your business.

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Why choose an onsite consultant over a development house?

Often, companies face two dilemmas that lead them to hire a consultant. One may be that they lack the skills to perform a particular task. For example, it could be an IoT task or if a department is very busy for a period of time and therefore does not need a new employee, but needs an extra hand to get tasks done during this period. That's where we come in.

Our consultants can help with both scenarios. We've also found that some companies want to keep production as close to development as possible. We understand this, which is why we also offer onsite IT consultants for the development of your digital projects.

A developer at your fingertips

With an onsite consultant, the developer is close to you, but at the same time he is able to draw on the technical knowledge of the background. This also puts skilled experienced people at your fingertips when problems arise.

As well as having help at your fingertips, an onsite consultant will be part of your business, getting closer to you and your values. This can make a big difference in the development process, as the consultant is able to put themselves in your shoes and understand your case more closely.

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Iterator IT is ready to help you

Our IT consultants have different skills and you can get software specialists who can both advise and specify projects for you. They can also develop IoT projects, applications and other software development in various programming languages. The consultants are specialists in the latest technologies and understand how to build new digital projects from scratch - you are in safe hands.

Please contact us and tell us about your needs for on-site consultants.

How do we create value for you

In addition to that, of course, it will create great value for you in relation to the development of your IoT products, you can also constantly get sparring about the development, so that you are always up-to-date, and the development proceeds as planned. The consultant can help advise and uncover the digital business areas in the company. An onsite consultant will quickly become part of an existing IT team. Which also means that you have to spend less time communicating back and forth.

The consultant brings new knowledge that you can also use to complement or build your own IT skills. In this way, you will be better equipped to deal with any problems that may arise in the future. With our onsite consultants you are sure to get a team player with very strong technical skills and who is always on your team.

You don't need a full-time consultant? We're flexible and offer part-time work too. Many of our clients who need onsite consulting only need a part-time consultant. With a regular person a few times a week, there is still plenty of time to get up to speed with the business. This will also allow the consultant to provide tailored technical advice and development.

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Onsite consultant case 

We have had onsite consultants at LEGO, FarrowTech, Seges and HortiAdvice over the years. This can be an advantage when we need to advise and specify projects from scratch, or just work with a larger IT team.

HortiAdvice – Skadevolder

A smartphone application for the horticulture industry for registering pests in plants, fruits and vegetables.

Hortiadvice case illustration