Intelligent IoT-platform increases Bramidan's global competitiveness and saves them time, money, and resources.

For many years, Bramidan has had a strategic goal to become more digital towards its customers. Today, that goal has been achieved and Bramidan can boast of being a more competitive player in the market for balers and compactors. 

Bramidan machine in use

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At Iterator IT, we are proud to be part of the process that helped Bramidan achieve its strategic goal of digitalizing its customer-facing operations. Our collaboration started in 2018 with an initial non-committal phone call, which has now developed into a strong partnership that is just getting started. 

The innovative IoT system BRA-IN helps Bramidan's customers make better and more environmentally friendly decisions, while saving both Bramidan and their customers time, money and resources.

Phase 1: How to Get Started with IoT?

Collaboration with Bramidan: From Initial Partnership to Trusted Partnership
Bramidan is a Southwest Jutland-based industrial company and one of Europe's leading suppliers of baling presses and compactors. With over 40 years of experience in the industry and 75,000+ installations under their belt, Bramidan is never afraid to think outside the box to find even better and more innovative solutions for themselves and their customers.

Therefore, since 2012, Bramidan has had modems in their machines, and they had already scratched the surface of IoT when we contacted them in 2018.

Our task was to take Bramidan to the next level with a more advanced data collection system and a corresponding user interface that would make digitalization an integrated part of Bramidan's business while meeting their customers' need for greater insight into their machines.

Solution: An Intelligent App

The first part of Bramidan's solution was a user interface for the employees on the shop floor, those who work in close proximity to Bramidan's machines. Through an intelligent app, Bramidan's customers now had easy access to everything from user manuals to quick ordering of consumables, services, and more. For Bramidan, it meant the ability to offer a much higher level of service to their customers.

Jesper Andersen, sales director at Bramidan

"There are many SME companies today that simply do not know where to start with IoT and who do not have the competencies within the company to get started. The same was the situation for us. We knew what we wanted and we knew our products, but it was too difficult to get started on our own. That's why we sought a collaboration partner, and that led us to Iterator IT."

Jesper M. Andersen

Sales Director, Bramidan

Phase 2: From stand-alone app to 360-degree product monitoring

After a year of testing the new app, Bramidan was ready to take the next step with a business goal of making IoT and digitalization an integrated part of their business.

Jesper Møller Andersen, Sales Director at Bramidan, says:

There was a great stand-alone product in our app, but we also wanted more - we wanted the full product suite. Iterator IT was an easily accessible and uncomplicated partner, and they understood how to take our desires and turn them into a concrete product without drowning us in complicated technology. That's why we chose to continue phase 2 with Iterator IT as our development partner.

Solution: BRA-IN - an intelligent monitoring system and web portal

With Bramidan's needs in mind, the next step was to develop a new Intelligent monitoring system called BRA-IN (short for Bramidan Intelligent) in conjunction with a user-friendly IoT platform.

data visualization

BRA-IN gør det muligt at tage hurtigere og bedre beslutninger, samtidig med at systemet reducerer operationelle og administrative omkostninger.

BRA-IN works as follows:

  • A modem in Bramidan's machines collects and sends data via satellite to a cloud-based portal.
  • In the cloud, the collected data is transformed and sent on to an online web portal, where the user can find details about activities across their entire fleet of machines. 
  • These insights enable the user to coordinate necessary activities and make informed decisions based on relevant data and knowledge.

We have gone from being a skilled machine manufacturer to now having not only maintained our high-quality products, but also added an extra layer to our business in the form of IoT. Access to relevant data has made us even more competitive as a company in relation to our global partners.

Jesper Andersen, Sales Director at Bramidan

Laptop showcasing Bramidan BRA-IN web application

The result of Bramidan's IoT journey

Bramidans IoT project is a comprehensive IoT project that covers all aspects of IoT, from data collection from machines and data processing to presentation and configuration through an app and web portal.

Jesper Andersen, sales director at Bramidan

We can now prove, with the help of relevant and accessible data, that our customers actually save time and money while reducing their environmental impact.

Jesper Andersen, Sales Director at Bramidan

Bramidan's BRA-IN creates value for both the company itself and the customers.

Insights into usage data and machine fill levels save Bramidan's customers time, money, and unnecessary environmental impact

BRA-IN provides insight into the fill level of each machine, meaning the machines are only emptied when they are actually full, optimizing route planning at the same time.

Predictive maintenance reduces machine downtime.

Real-time insights into machine performance make it possible to catch any errors and perform service before the machine breaks down, avoiding unnecessary service.

Insights open up the possibility for more relevant customer advice.

If a customer has the wrong machine or is not using it optimally, usage data makes it much easier for Bramidan to advise the individual.

Monitoring machine usage enables innovative product development.

Insights into machines and processes make it possible to optimize and innovate so that Bramidan's machines become even more effective.

Notifications, reports, and data exports optimize workflow.

Avoid spending time keeping track of things. Data from the machines indicates when it is time to perform a certain action.

Better oversight reduces wasted time and increases control over the machines.

Lack of oversight means wasted time. The BRA-IN portal provides quick oversight over all machine locations and work status in real-time.

Phase 3: A Continued Role as Product Developer and Technical Advisor

At Iterator IT, we remain a part of Bramidan's digital projects. Today, our roles include ongoing optimization and further development of BRA-IN, as well as acting as advisors and sparring partners for Bramidan's technical development projects.

Do you want to know more about the intelligent BRA-IN data management system? Visit Bramidan's website here..

Phase 1


Customers demand more data and a clear user interface.

Bramidan lacks knowledge and skills to meet this demand. 

Where and how do we start?


Iterator IT becomes a sparring and collaboration partner for Bramidan.

Development of an intelligent app - a simple user interface.


Bramidan creates a good business case. 

Initiation of their first IoT project.

Fulfillment of customer desires.

Phase 2

How do we develop our IoT project so that it becomes a fully integrated part of our business model?

BRA-IN - an intelligent monitoring system.

A 360-degree product suite for Bramidan and their customers.

Increased competitiveness.

Phase 3

Lack of competencies for the ongoing operation of the IoT user interface. 

Need for ongoing sparring for the further development of IoT projects.

Iterator IT continues as a loyal collaboration partner and technical advisor for Bramidan's new projects.

Strong collaboration.

Ongoing development and optimization of the IoT user interface.

Iterator IT

Iterator IT is one of Denmark's leading IoT development companies, specializing in Industry 4.0. We are well-versed in the complex business models that exist in the industry. Over the years, we have assisted industrial companies in developing their Industry 4.0 projects, not just in terms of software development, but also by examining the various elements of the company from the ground up until we find a concrete use case that can create value for the company. In some cases, we have also been the primary driving force that has brought the project to fruition in collaboration with a project manager within the company.

We build the software for the project, including the cloud solution and visual elements for platforms or applications. With our skilled and experienced collaborators who have developed hardware over the years, we are capable of offering end-to-end IoT solutions.

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