End-to-end IoT solutions

We provide everything from sensors for data collection to the cloud and applications for data presentation

At Iterator IT we have many years of experience. That's why we always offer a review of your IT solution, so we can assess whether an end-to-end IoT project is the way forward for you.

What is IoT

IoT is an acronym for Internet of Things. The concept basically consists of devices being connected to the internet. This can be anything from wearable products such as smartwatches, personal assistants such as Google assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple's Homepod. It could also be your fridge, which tells you what you need in the fridge, or self-driving cars. In industry you also see IoT more and more, you can read more about it here.

Experts say that by 2020, there will be 20 billion new IoT devices, and the list will only grow. The tools of the future offer businesses unique opportunities to engage their customers. And they will be able to communicate with their products or optimize business processes in new ways through technology.

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What is end-to-end IoT?

An end-to-end IoT solution extends from sensor to presentation to the end user. When we review an end-to-end solution, you are the expert on what data will be valuable to you. Then we make sure to bring the experience to make the whole journey from hardware development, to secure cloud storage and presentation to your end users.

When we talk about designing an end-to-end IoT system, we're really looking at what types of hardware, what protocols they need to talk over and how we get that presented in a value-added way. When you're faced with starting up an IoT project yourself, it can be confusing how to go about it.

We, and our partners, have many years of experience with different options and technologies, and therefore we also offer a no-obligation talk about what your company has of possibilities. There is a big difference between what makes the most technical sense - are there strict requirements for battery life? Does the device have to be placed in a cellar? A radio mast? We are happy to help you find out.

Iterator IT delivers

At Iterator IT we make software - that's what we're really good at!

That's why we have partners who share our values to make the hardware and embedded software in the solutions we deliver.

"We can provide the entire technical solution for you."

How does an end-to-end project progress at our company?

A project always starts with a workshop regarding the challenges, problems, and tasks that you have evaluated within your company. We refer to this as an use case. If these are very concrete, it is important for us to get as good an insight into your thoughts and ideas as possible. During the workshop, we will start with a helicopter view to get an overview of your business and move towards the concrete case. We usually describe it as a funnel, where we become more and more concrete the further we go down, as illustrated to the right. It is also important for us to have a thorough understanding of your business so that we have the best conditions to advise and collaborate with you.

If your cases and ideas are less concrete, and you have difficulty approaching the project, we also want to be involved in further exploring this process. We have seen many IoT solutions and different companies' versions and uses of the technologies. We use that knowledge and experience to provide concrete proposals for your projects.


A project always begins with a prototype. This is not a "throwaway" prototype as many large companies create, but rather a product that has been tailored to ensure that it accurately measures the desired data, controls machinery, or has the proper connectivity to the internet. The prototype serves as a foundation that we build upon, so it is crucial to have the final vision in mind from the outset.

One of our great strengths is the ability to find the balance between the "Minimum Viable Product," which is a product with only the minimum number of features required for user-friendliness, and building a foundation that can scale for the future. By building a prototype that can be built upon in the future, we ensure that:

  • The project is divided into small manageable parts.
  • Project continuously incorporates new learning and input.
  • We continuously see the results of the work that is delivered.
Illustration of the process of a project with Iterator IT

How do we create value for you

It's important that an IoT solution starts with concrete needs and use cases. It's not crucial to have a full business plan to start, but it's a good idea to have a vision of where you want to go. The solution must of course be based on a concrete need, but during a project, you will become much wiser and clearer on where you get the most benefit.

By having an IoT development house like us to help with your IoT solution, you always have expert eyes on your project. We are updated on everything that is happening within the field, and therefore, we will also be able to develop, advise, and guide the project from start to finish with the latest knowledge in hand. While an IoT can provide long-term savings, you can see immediate improvements in your business as soon as your solution is implemented. 

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Explore one of our end-to-end IoT cases

A good example of an end-to-end IoT solution is our Bramidan case, where new features are continuously being added. Bramidan has built a platform that scales to both many devices and many new features. For Bramidan, this means that they can drive the development of their platform and web portal with real-life cases and specific needs. When their business comes up with new concrete use cases requested by customers or suppliers, they can quickly and efficiently expand their IoT platform with these new features. Read more of the BRA-IN case here.

BRA-IN – Bramidan

Bramidan's BRA-IN system collects data from all Bramidan machines, helping both Bramidan's customers to make better and more environmentally-friendly decisions about their machines.

Bramidan case BRA-IN


WeightLog is an end-to-end IoT solution where all elements of IoT are included. We have been involved every step of the way and have taken control in collaboration with Hedensted Group A/S.

Weightlog webapplikation