Digital advice and technical development for some of the world's best in horticultural consultancy."

In collaboration with Denmark's best specialists in horticultural consultancy, Iterator IT has provided technical advice and development of current and future digital tools for the horticulture industry. With a dedicated consultant on-site twice a week, Iterator IT's consultant has become an integral part of the HortiAdvice team.

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As some of the best in the world for horticultural consultancy, HortiAdvice also has the most comprehensive and specialized planning tool for growers worldwide, GreenPlan. Since HortiAdvice does not have an in-house development team, they required support from outside to be able to advise them.


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How we solved it

In order to provide the best possible advice and get as close to the company as possible, Iterator IT had a permanent consultant on-site at HortiAdvice two times a week. This means that we were fully immersed in the HortiAdvice company and had an even better understanding of their business model. In this way, we were able to fully understand the product that was to be developed. This was important for a good collaboration and ongoing advice. 

Our consultant Nikolaj has been a part of the daily operations at HortiAdvice since the spring of 2019. This has enabled him to provide the best digital advice and support the specification of future development projects for the horticulture industry. For instance, he has been involved in the planning of the HortiAdvice "warning application", designed by Iterator IT's UI/UX designer.

Our responsibilites


Advice and identification of digital business areas


Scoping and specification of the project


Software development (Web, App & Backend)

The results

By having an onsite consultant, HortiAdvice was able to receive the necessary technical support for their tools. Although they do not have an in-house team, with Iterator IT's consulting service, they had the ability to keep production as close to development as possible, thereby obtaining the best solution. We are pleased with our close partnership with HortiAdvice and believe that our flexible service has earned us many loyal customers.

You can read more about HortiAdvice and Greenplan here

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